Henderson Beach State Park Star Gaze


21 Jul 2017 - 16:45

Destin, Florida

Join the members of the NWFAA and view the beauty of the universe. We start by setting up solar telescopes about 3 hours prior to sunset and safely observe our closest star, the Sun. Once the Sun sets, we transition to night time observing. Different size and design telescopes will be set up by dusk and celestial objects will be chosen with an eye to visual observation and variety. The objects visible will depend on the season and time of night but normally include bright galaxies and nebulae, star clusters, and planets.

There are a couple of rules that need to be followed so everyone enjoys the event:

  • Please do not touch the telescopes; an errant bump will cause a delay while the object being observed is brought back into view.
  • This is a family event and children are welcome, but since telescopes are by design somewhat delicate and may be expensive, parental control is necessary.
  • For everyone’s safety and to minimize the effect on night vision, please, no flash photography. If you want a photo of the equipment please come early enough to get a image before dark.
  • If you bring a flashlight please use a red filter.

While there will be plenty of telescopes available to view through, we invite you to bring your own telescopes/binoculars and join in the fun. Make sure you stop by the welcome table and pick up a free Sky Map.

The star gaze is free but normal state park fees apply. The park closes the gate at sundown so make sure you arrive before then. For further information or to make sure the weather has not caused a cancellation, please call the park at (850) 837-7550.

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